Saturday, 24 January 2015

Bridal Headpieces

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and shopping for your Wedding Gown is an event to be enjoyed and celebrated.

Finding the perfect dress is a moment you won't forget.  Every girl dreams of what she may like to wear on her wedding day, enjoy trying on styles until you have the perfect dress for you.

The neckline and the back of the dress will guide you for jewellery, long delicate chains on the back are stunning but can be lost behind a long veil.

Pearls and diamonds are a popular choice, when you try on jewellery take a photo of different options and this will help you decide.  Every girl needs a little 'sparkle' on her wedding day.

When you have your dress and decided on your hairstyle then your headpiece can be designed.

The headpiece can be elaborate or delicate as you desire.  I discuss different designs with clients from the dress design and the overall hair style.

The 'swan lake' style here is beautiful with strapless dresses and your hair up soft away from your neckline.

The 'birdcage' can be designed in a number of ways to complement a bride.  With or without flowers or beaded embellishments.

With a wide selection you can secure your piece with a headband, comb or pins.   The perfect piece will be comfortable to wear finish your overall 'Bridal Look' for your special Day.