Monday, 8 February 2016

Make Your Colours Work for YOU!!

Make Your Colours Work for You

Each season we welcome some fabulous colours to choose from when buying our fashion.  From high street to high end occasion wear, the choice is endless.   

For 2016 we see beautiful pastels coming through from last year, nude pink, pale blue, mint, lemon and lavender.  On the other end of the spectrum there are many rich strong tones from coral, cerise, turquoise, emerald, teal and purple.

Fashion designers and well known labels catering to the Mother of the Bride market are giving us a real treat by combining these tones with soft golds, navy or a lovely soft pale grey.

Millinery is no different, planning collections of key colours, designs and fabrics. This year introducing a rich silk collection of hat designs.  

With the beautiful softness of the silk it gives a stunning sheen to a hat. 

Dye to match ensures that your overall look works together perfectly and the tones complement each other. 

When choosing a hat or headpiece, make the colours work for you and your outfit.  

Its important to have the colour which suits you next to your face as the base of the piece.  

Some dresses and accessories look best with a very simple elegant structured hat, where others need a quirky design or a splash of bold colour to enhance a key detail of the dress.

Look at your outfit 'Head to Toe' and see what Colour can do!!