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Style Tips for Ascot

Style Tips for Ascot

Royal Ascot is synonymous with elegance.  I love Ascot, watching all the style, the hats all shapes and sizes, the Royal procession and of course the beautifully turned out horses from around the World. If you never backed a horse you would still enjoy Ascot.

It is the racing fashion spectacle of the year for everyone to enjoy.  Ascot actually was first organised way back in 1711 by Queen Anne and has been attended by the Royal Family ever since.

With the Hat rules at Ascot you must have a base of more than 4' on your hat.   All my blog hats show bases of more than 4'. I always enjoy designing hats or headpieces for Ascot, there is just something special about styling the completed look for a client attending the Royal Enclosure.  Using the freedom to design from the dress or suit I can focus on the hat design that would look perfect on my client.  Have your hat designed with comfortable elastics or a narrow headband with foam cushions on it.  Ensure you hat is well packaged when travelling.

There is a certain elegance and finish about the whole look required for Ascot and this year is no exception.  Remember, fascinators are not permitted in the Royal Enclosure.  That title for a hair accessory never did appeal to me!!

Larger wide brimmed hats are making a return and are the perfect style for the Ascot Classic Look.   Strong vibrant colours are popular this season alongside the beautiful soft pastels working together like mixing mint and candy to accent your outfit.  Using a block coloured hat also works very well like this pink orchid hat.

If you are heading to Ascot you should check over the rules before choosing your outfit and hat.

Royal Enclosure Rules:- Ladies are required to wear dresses or skirts which are just above the knee or longer.  Shoulder straps at least 1 inch wide, strapless or halter necks are not acceptable and no spaghetti straps.  If you choose to wear a trouser suit or jumpsuit the trousers must be full length.

These rules ensure that the ladies attending Ascot are dressed elegantly, a perfect complement to the Gentlemen in morning suits!!

If you haven't got your hat yet, check out my online store at Suzie Mahony Designs and have your hat delivered to your door.  I hope you enjoy the festival which starts this week. !!

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