Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Wardrobe Styling Overhaul

Wardrobe Styling Overhaul

We all love a neat and tidy bedroom but !  Your wardrobe is bulging with clothes yet you have nothing to wear!!  You are not alone.  Bought that dress in a sale but it just never suited any night out.  Shoes still in boxes with the price on them because you couldn't resist them!!

We all have that favourite top that we wear every chance we can and others that sit on hangers never seeing day light.

When you decide to do your wardrobe overhaul you need at least 2 or 3 hours so you can complete it all in one go and stay focused.  Ideally you should have a little clear out regularly to avoid the build up creating an even bigger challenge.

To save some space put your out of season clothes away in a storage box.  Your wardrobe should portray the colours that suit you, the styles that look good on you and the obvious basics that make up good choices for mix and match outfits.  With this in mind you need to ask yourself some questions:-

Does it fit?
Have I worn it in the last 12 Months?
Would I wear it again?
If I was shopping today would I buy it?
Do I love how it looks on me?

The easiest way to complete the 'overhaul' is to remove all hanging items.  this is great to actually highlight exactly how much clothes you really have!! Bit of an eye opener...

Set up some Black bags -  one for keeping and one to donate to charity and one to bin items that may be damaged.

Remove all items you have not worn in 12 mths, these should go to the donate pile, however if it looks great on you and you love it, give it one more chance.

Try everything on, if it doesn't fit then it goes.

To keep your wardrobe tidy use slim hangers, they are smooth for your clothes and you will have much more room which makes it easier to find things going forward.

You may find it useful to create formal and casual clothes in sections and when you wear something return it to the opposite end of that section.   This is a good idea if you like to feature what you wear on social media.

When you do the laundry don't be lazy just throwing the jeans back in.  Put items away properly and you will manage your wardrobe much easier.

Use the same techniques for your shoes.  Stored in the boxes, keeps them in good condition.  Wearing heels for an event just pop the shoe box into the car and wear flats for driving.

Handbags!!   We all love handbags but we can't possibly keep them all.  You should keep them stored neatly on a shelf or drawer.  For formal bags try to keep them in the mesh protector bag they came in. Prevents dust, wear and tear and they still look fresh.

A great way to store scarves is a simple coat hanger and attach shower curtain rings on it.  So easy.

Now that we are well into Autumn maybe its time to schedule your 'wardrobe overhaul'.

Good luck and I hope some of my tips help you on your way.


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