Friday, 26 May 2017

Ascot Dress Code: Style & Hats

There is only one Ascot

As long as I can remember I have followed the style, the pomp and all that comes with it from Ascot each year on our screens.  I love it, from all the style and Royalty to the beautifully groomed horses from around the globe.  It is top of my 'to do' list so fingers crossed I will attend in 2018!!!

Clients attending Ascot want the perfect hat and styling the complete look is all part of my role as a Milliner at Suzie Mahony Designs. Designing a hat that works for them and the occasion.

Ascot set the dress code rules each year and these rules are respected and adhered to which gives us all the fabulous spectacle that is Ascot!!.

Each enclosure within Ascot Racecourse has a different character and dress code, from The Royal Enclosure, Queen Anne Enclosure, Windsor Enclosure and Village Enclosure.  

The outfits and hats at Ascot are as talked about as the racing itself.  Keeping up with current fashion trends this year Ascot have added the Jumpsuit as part of the allowed dress code list.  

Royal Ascot Style Guide 2017


Hats play a huge part in your overall outfit when attending Ascot.  Large hats styled elegantly with your outfit can look amazing.   If you have the confidence to wear a fabulous hat then attending Ascot it the perfect opportunity to do so.  

Accessories bring your outfit together, try different jewellery and bag styles to complement your look.  

Top Tips for your Ascot Hat:-  

Make sure it sits comfortably and securely on your head.  Attending Ascot is not the time to be fiddling with your hat, you must wear it at all times so try it on beforehand.  Extra elastics or headband options can be done to avoid any problems when you get there.

The Ascot Dress Code 2017

  • Dresses and skirts should be of modest length defined as falling just above the knee or longer.
  • Dresses and tops should have straps of one inch or greater.
  • Jackets and pashminas may be worn, but the dresses or tops underneath should still comply with the Royal Enclosure dress code of having one inch or thicker straps.
  • Trouser suits are welcome.  They should be full length and of matching material and colour.
  • They must be worn with a top that adheres to the guidelines of not being strapless or sheer.
  • Hats should be worn.  A headpiece which has a base of 4" or more in diameter is acceptable as an alternative to a hat.
  • A hat, headpiece or fascinator should be worn at all times. 
  • Strapless, off the shoulder, halter neck and spaghetti straps are not permitted in the Royal Enclosure. 
  • Midriffs must be covered.
  • Fascinators are no longer permitted in the Royal Enclosure; neither are headpieces which do not have a base covering a sufficient area of the head (4" Dia)
  • Shorts are not permitted.

Royal Ascot runs from Tuesday 20th to Saturday 24th June 2017

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful time at Ascot 2017.

Suzie x

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